Family Liaison Program

The Communities In Schools of Renton (CISR) Family Liaison Program connects Renton public school students and their families with the appropriate community resources to meet their basic needs and address issues which impact school performance.  Each CISR Family Liaison functions as a school staff member and CISR site coordinator, working within the school to address the non-academic needs of students who are at-risk of school failure.

Research has shown that when children lack basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and caring adults in their lives, they are at a higher risk of academic failure leading to school dropout.

Housed in the eight, neediest Renton elementary schools, CISR Family Liaisons receive referrals from school staff, family members, and even students. A student’s need could appear as falling asleep in class, arriving late to school, bullying someone or being bullied, not completing homework, or many other behaviors.  After receiving a referral, the Family Liaison works with the student and family to determine the underlying issues, which may include hunger, need for clothing or health care, homelessness, domestic violence, new immigrants, second language barriers, or many other factors interfering with the child’s ability to learn and succeed in school.

The process of working with a student and family varies from hours to months, depending on their needs and level of self-sufficiency and may include referrals to services such as, mentoring, food and clothing banks, health services, housing, transportation, second language resources, holiday assistance, etc.

Families are assisted in simple and direct ways to support their children’s well-being, improve their environments, and make sure their student has every opportunity to be in school and succeed.  CISR provides these services free of charge to the students and families in order to improve the students’ educational experience and to assure they stay in school and graduate.

Who We Serve:

CISR serves students who may be failing classes, have high absenteeism, feel disengaged from school and/or may be dealing with severe cultural difficulties typical of newly arrived immigrants.  Students served by CISR most often are low income, ethnic minority students, living in single parent households. Families may be highly transient, sometimes homeless or living with other families.

Students we serve are:

  • 92% low income
  • 86% ethnic minority students, kids of color, non-white
  • 47% live in single parent households

During the 2014-2015 academic year, CISR Family Liaisons provided services in the following capacity:

7,949 kids, and their families received services. 792 students and their families were connected to a comprehensive range of services. Over 400 kids received new winter coats. Over 100 partnerships were nurtured with service agencies, community organizations and local businesses in order to serve the needs of Renton students and their families.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the Family Liaison Program, please contact us at 425-430-6656 or email us at