Jessica Hicks

JESSICA was raised in a quaint little seaside town on the Kitsap Peninsula called Seabeck.  She grew up spending her days with friends outdoors; fishing, swimming, hiking, and bike riding. Her childhood fostered a deep appreciation for exploration, nature, community, and physical activity, which have become values that she strives to live and pass on to those around her.

After gaining a degree in Human Services from Western Washington University, Jessica began teaching preschool for a Migrant Head Start near Portland, Oregon. Throughout her time teaching, she focused her attention on developing a strong parent network through planning events and outings. Jessica has since devoted her career to using her passion for exploration and community development in order to close the achievement gap.

After earning a Master’s Degree in International Community Development, she spent years abroad volunteering in rural communities of Malawi, Africa and learning Spanish in the Ecuadorian, Amazon.  Upon returning, she spent two years Home Visiting where she supported families in navigating difficult government and health systems, and educated parents on early brain development.  After experiencing the two vastly different worlds of Teaching and Home Visiting, Jessica understands how significant the home-school connection is for many children.

Jessica comes to CISR striving to inspire and strengthen that connection for children, families, and teachers.

Contact Information

  • Office - Cascade Elementary: (425) 204-3355