Tresvan O’Neal

TRESVAN (aka Trap) is a native of the sunshine state of Florida. He started his college education at Florida A&M University before relocating to the suburbs of Seattle Washington for 18 years while working and finishing his IT degree as the University of Phoenix. He and his wife (Nicole) have 3 girls (A’Leesia, Armani, Ayanna) and 1 boy (Xxavier). Trap is definitely a family man. He currently works for an awesome IT Organization where he has worked as a IT Operations Project manager for 18 years. Trap has been blessed to have been married to his wife Nicole for 18 years who has been a huge supporter in everything that he strive towards.  Trap also have a Master degree in ministry leadership and just started as a part-time minister of a small congregation.

Trap’s strength in leadership is being observant and very aware.  Trap is trying to find the balance and do it all in love. He said he is getting better but still needs work. Trap is all for changing himself first, as long as it is for the better. He welcomes change and want others to see that he can improve and grow, with the expectations that they will do the same (servant leadership).

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