A Powerful Transformation

School can be a place of anxiety or joy. The dedicated staff at CISR work every day with members of the Renton School District to create positive learning environments where every student can thrive. This reflection from an Academic Liaison demonstrates just that: An 8th grade girl was struggling in many areas- her attendance, her […]

A Crisis Avoided, A Life Restarted

For a prime example that shows “schools can’t do it alone” read our story below, told by a Renton teacher.  CISR steps in time and time again to provide wrap-around services. Teacher- Renton School District: A parent of my student was completely out of options and about to become homeless. After they moved in with […]

From Fear to Security

From A Family Liaison: I just said goodbye to a mother who’s been fighting homelessness since last year, and whose first grader has had to change nighttime residencies 6 times in the last three months, missing a lot of days in between each change. In December, she was heartbroken because they were literally on people’s […]

CISR Through A Child’s Eyes

Letter From A CISR Mentored Student: Dear Mentor, I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. What I think about you is that I trust you as a friend. I trust you to be my guide for as long as you are my mentor. And I love how you teach me to […]

Student Inspired To Achieve

I’m an Academic Liaison at a Renton Middle School and I began working with this particular student during his 6th grade year. He had a difficult transition into middle school. He struggled with self-confidence, managing multiple classes and keeping himself organized. His biggest obstacle was his lack of self-confidence. Once he got an assignment, he […]

Compassion After A Christmas Tragedy

Dear Communities In Schools of Renton, I am writing to share my experiences with a Family Liaison; who is a dynamic and compassionate, dedicated professional. In December of 2012, an incidence of violence touched our community and 3 children lost their mother. The children were brought to my home with the clothes on their backs, […]